Betty P - Holt

"Mr Caesari has completely transformed my bathroom into a modern, functional facility.

As a widow in her 80’s, with restricted mobility, the installation of a shower cubicle, in conjunction with the necessary grab rails, has proved invaluable.

His standard of work during the 3 weeks he was working at my home was 100%. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Caesari to anyone."

Eric - Colkirk

"I am 83 years old and I live alone. The pedestal of my toilet was leaking. My family who live over 100 miles away were worried that I would be "ripped off" by a cowboy plumber. I thought I would look for a 'local' man whom I thought would take care of his reputation simply because word would soon get round if his work was shoddy.

His work was so impressive, I emailed a photo of it to my family to reassure them. One of them even noticed that Mike had even polished the brass pedestal studs. He did a splendid job costing far less than I expected to pay."

Elizabeth B - Walsingham

"Mike has always managed to find an answer to a problem so that the next visitors arrive to find everything working. When further work is needed, he has done everything he can to fit in with my timetable. 

He does an excellent job for a very fair price. An added bonus is that he’s just a really nice guy to have working in your home!"  

Peter S - South Creake

"Mike Caesari is someone we turn to first when things go wrong with our house. He is always helpful, prompt, realistic and can be relied on to get it sorted."

Gillie F - Fakenham

"Mike has undertaken a whole range of tasks for us including blocking up the illegal access that squirrels had made into our loft. I have dubbed him the Project Manager as he is so reliable and multi-talented. Once, when my sister's warehouse had been burgled while she was away on holiday he was a tower of strength fitting new locks and bars with such promptness that the drama was much lessened. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Mike as he is totally trustworthy ( I happily leave him the keys to the house if we are away) and hugely efficient and competent."

Harry D-H - Docking

"I cannot recommend Mike Caesari highly enough. He was punctual, honest, hard-working and had an excellent understanding of our system. His rates were entirely reasonable and there were no hidden costs."